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O clock great complete watches

IMPORTANT NOTE: O clock great dials and great straps are NOT interchangeable with our standard O clock dials and straps. GREAT DIALS are HERE | GREAT STRAPS are HERE.

The O clock great watch is an ideal man's watch, but it is unisex. Why not buy a few great dials and few great straps and swap them around to suit your style or clothes on the day.

The O clock great is larger than standard O clock watches, with a dial diameter of 34mm and strap bezel outer diameter of 39mm (1.53"). The quartz movement is by Citizen with a replaceable standard battery (SR626SW). Great watch straps are made of light-weight and comfortable hypo-allergenic stretch-silicone and are available in 3 sizes. Splash/rain-proof only, not waterproof.

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